Vogue Industries - The Automotive Funhouse!

Vogue Industries - The Automotive Funhouse!

Our friendships and history date back to early Autosalon days (If anyone can remember those events) when people used to go crazy with car builds. I have known the head guys over at Vogue Industries for over 10 years, and at their shop opening, they definitely wowed the local automotive industry. They had KatoSan himself of LB Performance there and it was undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s biggest car events of the decade.

The shop itself is styled in a way that there is something for all ages, from toy cars to an actual office desk made from LB performance Lamborghini Aventador parts. If you could imagine having an unlimited wishes genie lamp for all the cool things you wanted when you were a kid, Vogue has delivered. If you live in Brisbane and are into cars this place is really something impressive that you need to check out.

The most amazing thing we found about this Australian shop is their view and style of building cars, previously they were renowned for building exotics with Justin’s extensive collection of heavily modified Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s, they have now found their niche in building off-road weekend monsters with daily capabilities. In our opinion In Queensland especially, the focus of aftermarket modifications has taken an amazing direction with so many drivable adventure roads and beaches a stone throws away.

Long explains to us that the market is wanting more than just “Dad Spec” offroaders, they want them looking like Baja ready trophy truck’s for the streets. This is where Vogue Industries really shines, in imagining, designing, and then building your dream car to life.

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July 14, 2020 — Daniel Ngo
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