Happy 2021 - Let's kick this year off with a Bang! 🔫

Happy New Year! - Welcome to 2021!

Hello PlateGamer's, 

We are planning on making 2021 bigger and better then 2020 was! This year with the lessening of restrictions, we are hopeful to be able to get to more automotive events and share our fun little products and exciting new releases and features.

On the first weekend of Y2021 we made it out to the The All Japanese Cars and Coffee in Brisbane, Queensland. Danny of @allthingsmazda captured the mighty little Mazda RX-3 in all its glory and I'd like to thank him for his other pictures too.


The RX-3 is now sporting a new 12A Bridgeport Rotary motor which was built by Automotive Plus so I have been trying to put some mileage on it. The change has made the Mazda RX-3 so much more fun to drive. I find myself trying to put kilometre's on it now rather than just looking at it. 

I believe that this event is still in its very infant stage and it is the first time I have even attended and I believe it will continue to grow. I heard someone say that it is on every month however so keep an eye on this page, they are usually posted here. 


I noticed that the event was mainly dominated by Mazda's however there were some nice Datsun 240Z's and Skylines that I got to take a closer look at.

One car that I was super impressed with was Adrian's brand new Yaris GR-Four! This car is completely factory and had me in total shock of the size of the brake setup. The front and rear brakes are actually larger than that of a Porsche Cayman S! I was a bit reserved to pull the trigger on one because I was initially worried the interior would feel cheap, boy am I wrong! Lots of cool little details all over the place that kept me glued to it for a while.

I look forward to seeing many of you at car events this year, I promise I will start using my own photos in future post's.

Thanks for reading and supporting PlateGame.


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