Q: What does PlateGame mean?

A: PlateGame is a term for a game that originated decades ago to make long drives less boring. Players had to find license plates with other numbers that add up to their number. PlateGame for us is about having fun with license plate combinations and bringing joy to the automotive industry. 

Q: What is a license plate keychain?

A: A PlateGame license plate keychain is a exact replica of your real vehicle vanity plate in miniature form.

Q: What are your products made of?

A: All of our products are made of durable industrial-grade plastics and adhesives which give them relatively scratch resistant finishes and reasonable product lifespans.

Q: How do you make them?

A: PlateGame uses a combination of state of the art equipment to build our products. All of our products are made in Brisbane, Queensland and unlike cheap copies, we quality control all of our products by eye before shipping.  

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Each and every PlateGame item is designed, packed, made and quality controlled by real people, right here in Australia. Each item is ready for dispatch within 3-7 business days. We send our items via economy post, which typically takes between 2-5 days to have your order at your door depending on your location.


Q: Who is PlateGame?

A: PlateGame is a small team of car enthusiast located in Brisbane that enjoy motoring accessories.



Standard Custom Keychain

  • Made from industrial 5mm acrylic
  • Available in black & white only
  • Single sided 
  • 30mm diameter PlateGame split ring included
  • Available in Black with White Lasered text

Premium Custom Keychain

  • Made from industrial 5mm acrylic
  • Available in any colours
  • Reverse black protective backing
  • 30mm diameter PlateGame split ring included
  • Available colours:

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